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Integrating camera imagery, crowdsourcing, and deep learning to improve high-frequency automated monitoring of snow at continental-to-global scales

Snow is important for local to global climate and surface hydrology, but spatial and temporal heterogeneity in the extent of snow cover make accurate, fine-scale mapping and monitoring of snow an enormous challenge. We took 184,453 daily near-surface images acquired by 133 automated cameras and processed them using crowdsourcing and […]

Ecology: Nitrogen from the deep

Ecosystems acquire nitrogen from the atmosphere, but this source can’t account for the large nitrogen capital of some systems. The finding that bedrock can also act as a nitrogen source may help solve the riddle.

Linkages between tree architectural designs and life-history strategies in a subtropical montane moist forest

Tree architecture is crucial to maximizing light capture, determined by carbon allocation of individual trees, and consequently characterizes species-specific growth strategies. Its variation and associated life-history strategies have been examined in tropical and temperate forests, but not in subtropical forests. Moreover, a similar architectural pattern was found using a hierarchical […]