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Long-term straw decomposition in agro-ecosystems described by a unified three-exponentiation equation with thermal time

Understanding drivers of straw decomposition is essential for adopting appropriate management practice to improve soil fertility and promote carbon (C) sequestration in agricultural systems. However, predicting straw decomposition and characteristics is difficult because of the interactions between many factors related to straw properties, soil properties, and climate, especially under future […]

Linking tree genetics and stream consumers: Isotopic tracers elucidate controls on carbon and nitrogen assimilation

Leaf litter provides an important nutrient subsidy to headwater streams, but little is known about how tree genetics influences energy pathways from litter to higher trophic levels. Despite the charge to quantify carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) pathways from decomposing litter, the relationship between litter decomposition and aquatic consumers remains […]

Mycorrhizal controls on belowground litter quality

Plant productivity and ecosystem productivity are strongly influenced by nutrient availability, which is largely determined by the decomposition rate of plant litter. Belowground litter inputs (dead roots, mycorrhizae, and exudates) are larger than aboveground litterfall in many systems. Chemical quality and diameter primarily control decomposition for coarse roots, but these […]