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Virus bacteria cells as seen in a three-dimensional microscopic rendering.

Ecoss studies the microbial communities of the human body and the implications for disease including STDs and HIV, as well...
Quality control expert Inspecting chicken meat specimen in the laboratory

We study antibiotic resistance in human pathogens, genetic sampling of meat for antibiotic resistance, methods to develop a molecular database...
The sun as seen through a camera.

Heat waves in Arizona: Do microbial symbionts buffer the effects of heat waves?
Field site in Antarctica with a crate in the foreground and steep mountains in background.

We study soil microbial communities in Antarctica, microbes in hot spring ecosystems in Tengchong, China, methane production at Axel Heiberg...
Portrait of Katerina Soldanova

Soldanova is investigating the microbial activation cascades hypothesis with the goal to elucidate possible activation patterns of soil microbial communities...

Siders's research focuses on the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems. Siders hopes to gain a better understanding of the...
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