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Portrait of Greg Caporaso

Research Interests The Caporaso Lab is located in the Center for Microbial Genetics and Genomics at Northern Arizona University. We...
Portrait of Paul_Dijkstra

Research Interests Dijkstra's research focuses on various aspects of climate change effects on terrestrial ecosystems and applications of stable isotopes...
Portrait of Ted Schuur

Research Interests Understanding feedbacks from terrestrial ecosystems to climate change is Schuur's main research interest. He focuses on the response...
Portrait of Michelle Mack

Research Interests As global temperatures increase, fragile ecosystems across the world are facing drastic changes, such as more extreme forest...
Portrait of George Koch

Research Interests Koch’s research focuses on understanding the biophysical and ecological interactions of plants with their environments, including features affected...
Microscopic view of Staphylococcus aureus showing ball-formed germs on a bed of blue

NAU professor and a team of researchers are seeking to better understand staph bacteria, information that could lead to reductions...
Portrait of Bruce Hungate

Research Interests Hungate’s research focuses on the ecology and management of global change, and microbial ecology from humans to the...
Portrait of Jamie Brown with hot springs in the background

Brown’s research focuses on predicting feedbacks to global change through the production and consumption of the greenhouse gasses CO2, CH4,...
Portrait of Melanie Caron

Caron’s research activities are focused on the influence of biotic and abiotic factors on aquatic food web structure, composition, and...

James' focus has recently changed from aquatic ecology, grant writing and Fossil Creek monitoring to graphic design, website design, and...
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