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Koch's research explores how interactions among organisms regulate and are regulated by the cycling of energy and materials in ecosystems....
Portrait of Marguerite Mauritz, post-doctoral scientist.

As arctic temperatures rise, we expect to see dramatic changes due to thawing permafrost soils. Permafrost stores half the total...
Portrait of Gerardo Celis sitting with trees in the background.

Research Interests Plant Ecology Restoration Ecology Invasion Ecology Climate Change Data Visualization Dr. Celis has a broad interest in terrestrial...
Portrait of Kees Jan van Groenigen

Van Groenigen's research focuses on how management practices and changes in atmospheric conditions affect the flow of C and N...
Portrait of Christina Schädel

Research Interests Schädel is a biogeochemist and plant ecophysiologist with expertise in climate change, ranging from arctic warming impacts on...
Portrait of Egbert Schwartz

Schwartz’s research focuses on the interaction between microbial populations and their environment. He is particularly interested in the relationships between...
Portrait of Robert L. Sanford, Jr. (Buck)

Research Interests Sanford’s research focuses on the biogeochemistry of alpine, tropical and dryland ecosystems, particularly in managed and fire affected...
Portrait of Jane Marks

  Research/teaching interests studies of how abiotic and biotic factors structure freshwater food webs anthropogenic disturbances of watershed nutrient loading...
Portrait of Debbie Huntzinger

Research Interests Dr. Huntzinger’s research interests focus on improving the understanding of complex environmental systems and our ability to forecast...
Portrait of Greg Caporaso

Research Interests The Caporaso Lab is located in the Center for Microbial Genetics and Genomics at Northern Arizona University. We...
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