NAU illustrator uses art to translate science

A brand new staff member at Northern Arizona University’s Center for Ecosystem Science and Society, Leshyk’s charge is to use the power of art to help interpret and communicate science produced by the center’s researchers as well as others at the university.

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NASA armada targets thaw in Arctic soil

On a 10-meter-square plot of frozen soil in central Alaska, Ted Schuur is creating a window to the future. Schuur, an ecologist at Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Flagstaff, is intentionally warming this patch of permafrost to see how much of its carbon— now locked in frozen plant matter buried for centuries or more—will thaw, decompose, and escape to the atmosphere, where it will make an infinitesimal contribution to global warming.

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ECOSS researchers recently published findings in the scientific journal Plant and Soil showing that rhizosphere bacteria could help reduce crop losses due to drought. Listen to an interview with NAU doctoral student, Rachel Rubin, by Arizona PBS.



Read the article, “Study: Soil Bacteria Can Improve Crop Yields during Droughts” about research by Rachel Rubin, Kees Jan van Groenigen, and Bruce Hungate in KNAU.



The latest Ecoss artistic product, “The Ascent of Sap Rap”, by George Koch and students from his “Plants and Climate” class. View the full video here.



View the 2015 Permafrost Carbon Network 5-Year Synthesis Report here.



What does it feel like to be a scientist? Paul Dijkstra answers this in the video, Science and Sentiment, linked below!