ECOSS Travel Awards Program

ECOSS Travel Awards Program

October 12, 2017
Northern Arizona University campus in the summer showing buildings in the foreground and the San Francisco Peaks in background.

The purpose of the ECOSS Travel Awards Program is to advance the applicant’s professional development by enabling activities such as attending a scientific meeting, visiting a lab for specialized training, collaborating on proposal development, or traveling to a research site. The program is open to ECOSS graduate students, postdocs, staff, and research faculty. This program is intended to support, enrich or extend travel that would not happen otherwise.

Applications should include the following information: Proposed travel: when, where, and duration; Motivation: how will travel serve the applicant’s professional development and what are the expected products of the travel; Budget: an itemized estimated budget including transportation, lodging, food costs (per diem), and, if applicable, registration and costs associated with presentations (e.g. post printing); Support: what other sources of support have been sought or secured for this travel.

The deadlines for applications are October 31 and April 30. Requested travel must occur within a year following the application submission, otherwise, the award will return to the pool and a new application must be submitted. The maximum request is $1500. Eligibility requirements: ECOSS employee or ECOSS graduate student. Awards are limited to one per individual during a two year period. Download the application here and email completed applications to